Thursday, September 10, 2009

Wayward Wayward 'Toonists?

An update of the official Wayward 'Toonists gazette!
Last we left the Triple Unicorn Brothers, our heroes were riding high on the success of the Jukebox Jam exhibition.

Although their public exposition of musical doodling quandaries turned into a critical disaster, the lads made a mint from the commercial success! The sell-out of their over-inflated priced artwork and the adjacent merchandising in the forms of 'Wayward themed action figures, keyrings, plastic replica drinking devices, illegal mixtapes and tea-towls left the lords giddily cashed up!
What followed was an insane spending spree of murderous decadence that would rival the history book entries of most spoilt, powerful and hubristic god-like activities!
Unfortunately the cash dried up and the hangers-on and sycophants moved onto the new flavour of the season. Society ceased to turn a blind eye to the Unicorn Brothers more eccentric behaviours!
While the ability to manifest their telepathy in the form of a "psychic knife" is NOT one of their powers, knowing when bar goes dry IS!
Vowing to disappear once again from public scrutiny and turning their backs on the cruel artworld they set about to make their own private ammends.
The Lord opened up an orphange specialzing in troubled bairns, The Brigadier pledged himself to a hermit-like academic institution while The Baron built a half-way shelter for sex-addicts and other down-trodden miscreants.

But as we'll find out in PART II, if the phoenix transforms into the form of a monkey does it NOT still posses the nature of the phoenix?!


Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Red Bubble Calendar

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Perfect for your acid burnout mum, what with the Xmasing Season rolling around and everything!

Buy a metric tonne of 'em and help prevent a global recession!

Rahm Emanuel ENDORSED!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Support the economy! Buy Wayward!

Check out the Wayward 'Toonists Red Bubble shop; plenty of tees, artwork and the like on or about to be on sale! There's even a calendar in the offing!

More reports from Wayward world SOON!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

HWC: Vader

Based on an internet/nerd challenge found somewhere, The Wayward 'Toonists thought it might be a giggle to get our pencils back in action and see if we could re-design the big daddy of galactic bastardy:
After playing around with a few ways to make him cooler, including Mexican wrestling masks, ipod gadgets & natty scarves I arrived at the simple enlightenment that the ONLY way Lord Darth could be cooler was if he rocked a TURTLE-NECK!

Sure to be the envy of all the other Sith Lords and have the galactic babes swooning. PLUS- it might help Vader get over his wheezing chest infection!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Cap'n Dreadnaught SPEAKS!


Actual footage of this dread convergence of titanic EGOS is in the pipeline!


Monday, June 23, 2008


Some pics from the opening are available here and here.

Alternatively- the entire sordid ordeal, as a slideshow:


Plenty more to follow, not to mention actual live action footage, reviews, reflections and the very distinct possibility of TOP SECRET UNTITLED WAYWARD PROJECT 2009 news!


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